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find Kathesal, my snake-friend who talks to me in dreams.

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snake dreams

It happens exactly how it sounds. I dream of Kathesal, who talks to me and tells me secret things. I can’t ever remember what he says when I wake up, or exactly what kind of snake he is (which is interesting). I am thinking I will meet him in this world soon, and he will come live with me. Either this, or he is my spirit-guide, or possibly my totem?
His voice is very interesting, it sounds moist and the pitch dips and rises quite erratically. There are many layers to this voice, each layer ‘speaking’ something different, yet the same as the rest. I don’t ‘hear’ him exactly, but mostly I feel what he says, if that makes sense.

Where are you Kathesal? And why haven’t I dreamed of you lately?

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