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Be able to do all my knee exercises at the lowest time or level


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Katherine has written 7 entries about this goal

Better than yesterday.

Quad stretches: I felt this a little more than I normally do.

Calf stretches: I couldn’t finish the third stretch of the first step on my right leg. I’ve been having problems with my supporting leg shaking. I only did the second step twice on each leg. It was starting to hurt.

And a step back...

No problem with quad stretches. I could only do the first half of the calf stretch twice on each leg. Too much walking at work today? Or did I push myself too far yesterday?

Is this goal SMART?

Specific: Yes. I’ve clearly defined what this involves.

Measurable: Yes. I’ll know when it’s finished.

Achievable: Sort of. I’m not yet capable of doing all of my knee exercises, but I am getting better as I keep at it. I have no trouble finding time to work on it every day.

Relevant: Yes. Doing the exercises will make the muscles around my knee stronger which will diminish the amount of pain I have.

Time bound: Yes. I would like to be able to do this by the end of August.


Quad stretch – fine
Calf stretch – all the way through step one, step two only twice
Ham stretch – level one
Knee cap stretch – only once, and I’m not sure I’m doing it right.

For yesterday.

It was pretty much the same as Friday. I just can’t seem to do all of the calf exercises. Maybe I should skip them and do the ones that go after…

A little better...

No problem with the quad stretch, although I didn’t really feel it on the third rep. I made it through step one of the calf stretch all three times, but I could only do step two once on each leg. The front leg starts to shake around my knee about 15 seconds in.

Not quite.

I made it through the Quad Stretch just fine, but I couldn’t do the Calf Stretch more than once on each leg. I did not attempt past that.


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