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I’ve started blogging- I don’t have too many readers but that doesn’t bother me too much… I think the possibility of readers, of words made public is just as exciting and nerve-wracking, my words released beyond my grasp or ability to snatch them back.

Now the challenge is improving. Thinking ahead finding just a little more time… And then linking up and giving others access…

My first blog

New years day… My night – it’s an interesting tradition waking up with a hangover. I saw the foolishness which is totally how I wound up ringing in new year with a Dexter marathon, researching my prospective colon cleanse and playing at word scrabbles.

Starting my blog

I’m going to blog. By resolution. It will just be how I see the world… Funny at times hopefully enlightened at others. I want it to change the way I look at the world.

Title: either regifted or wrapped in yesterday’s newspaper

Sign up and start January 1st

My blog

A skewered look at the world around me
Character portraits
Humourous tales
+a photo of the day

To be written every night before bed.

What will be my blog title??

White noise
Just not in a good space
Jelly beans in a jar
Firecrackers and other explosive devices
The midwesterner’s world travels
Wrapped in yesterday’s newspaper

Ideas for blogs

Photo a day with writing to go with it
Character a day
Humourous daily journal

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