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This week's progress

Since I went to the zen center last Sunday, I have been meditating daily with the exception of yesterday and today. Might try to squeeze in a sit before I go pick up my friend at the airport.

Basically I starting sitting 10 minutes and have been increasing my sit time by 2 minutes every day. At this rate I should be able to get to 30 minutes (my short term goal) in a little over a week.

I have meditated before, but have never been able to sustain a regular practice for more than a month. I am hopeful that my involvement with a sangha will help. With all the (exciting) changes in my life right now, I need some stability! It will help me be more tolerable to others, at the very least ;)

Well, since I'm currently staying at a temple...

I’m trying to meditate at least once a day. And, I have the opportunity to sit in a room where Kyongho Kun Sunim stayed in the period after he became enlightened (Kyongho was a Korean Seon (Zen) Master)!


Getting back into it...

Sat twice this week and will probably sit before bed.

Post-vacation the stress is descending again…

being still with myself is needed.

Something to think about...

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