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Brett’s already gone up, so I won’t be able to write in my paper journal tonight. So I’m going to list these here because I actually looked forward to writing them down today as they were happening.

My 17-year-old son in white shirt and tie, chatting at the door of the chapel with a buddy. I couldn’t stop watching them, visiting and grinning in that young-man way, Seth so tired after being on the road with the drumline until 5 am and still up and there and shooting the breeze with Charlie. I could project him forward, hanging with friends at college, stopping in a hallway after a shared class to catch up for a minute. He’s so close to real adulthood…and he’s such a good kid.

The cape I made for Anna. I am so proud of that, and it is just incredible to see her flounce around in it, tell everyone her Mom made it for her. That it turned out even though I don’t sew much. What I am seeing is the beginning of a lifetime memory; that cape is going to be something she remembers when she’s 40 and sews something for her little girl (or is otherwise reminded).

Orange juice. I love orange juice. I love Sunday nights when Seth always makes a big pitcher for us all.

A neat essay by a childhood friend of Hector Elizando (Micheal T. Kauffman). In fact, I read several neat essays today, from the book Models for Writers (6th ed.) by Rosa and Eschholz. And Hector Elizando, period. Superb actors, period.

Miss Anna’s pictures of mermaids. Miss Anna’s pictures of anything. Oh, and her tackle box! She was going to buy one, but instead she made one from cut-up cardboard boxes: a full-size, full-feature tackle box, complete with hinge, handle, and little divided storage compartments for her fishing tackle. All by herself. She is seven years old.

It is so amazing to watch them all grow.


I do this periodically in my pen-and-paper journal. I do it deliberately any time I feel the black edge of a depression, because it helps a bit.


1. Getting to introduce and present my personal-history writing course to another group of women.

2. The smell of Murphy’s Oil Soap.

3. Rain. Because (as I was telling myself while driving through the grayness of it), rain is SPRING weather.

4. Living near lakes, and the view from the front window of the Jewett House where I presented this morning.

5. Four-day weekends. Having everyone home!


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