melancholylechery in San Bernardino is doing 3 things including…

change the world


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change the world by     winning the class war and insuring fair play learn more

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How Do We Serve?     Helping Others and Opening Your Heart. That's Church. Get Involved!

Want to change the world?     Through right action, you have the power to make a difference.

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ummmm..oh, optional

well…all i really want to do is…throw all the racists off the planet…feed the poor…and set people straight on things they have no knowledge on, even though continue to talk like they know it all…umm …kick all of my teachers asses…destroy the system….become the best poet ever..(other than Edgar Allan Poe) meet Ville Valo (my 2nd most fave person) and….lots more..


I want to:
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