meliflower in Whittier is doing 43 things including…

cut down on sugar (I'm sweet enough)

92 cheers


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meliflower has written 10 entries about this goal

This really is a never-ending battle.

Truth be told, I’m seriously addicted…all I can do is hope for some modicum of control. Weight watchers helps…this stuff uses too many points to be worth it.

So I’m trying to bring the bar down but I expect it may take me years yet to truly achieve.

well I'm over a third through

my 30 day sugar moratorium. If I can finish it out and then for two more months be a lot more reasonable when it comes to sugar, this will be completed. Remember, sugar is a treat, not a staple.

I've been extremely bad for the past two months...

and I am going to do some conscious tapering off of sweets. I’ve already begun. I went from worse to bad, and I’m going for steady improvement.

Last night I kept drinking glasses of water every time I craved sugar. It actually worked because it made me feel really full.

this has been coming naturally lately

I’m still eating it, but not nearly to the extent that I was during the summer. We’ll see if it continues now that I’ve absorbed a substantial disappointment in my life recently. That’s usually what starts off a chocolate binge.


I ate a huge tub of yellow, pink and blue cotton candy…and I shared hardly any of it with anyone. AND I ate kit Kats from Europe. They’re so much better than USA kit kats….AND I ate chocolates that A. bought for me AND I ate Smarties AND I ate a hot fudge sundae…I’m on a bender.

The only saving grace is that all the candy is making me very hyper and I’m getting a lot of exercise.

Here’s a tip from my friend C.: sugar attacks your skin. If you are a sugar junkee over time, it will affect your face…you’ll age faster. So that’s a good reason to control it!

I'm doing better at this.

I was eating a ton of candy and ice-cream and cake every single day. At least 3 or 4 different things in a day during the summer. I was all sugar high.

Now, I’m eating very little, though usually something every day I must admit. But one thing…and something little.

I have another goal too…no sugar added products whatsoever for an entire month. Think I can do it?

I am failing

I can’t stop eating candy and cake and cookies and whatever is within arms reach.

I’m a little piglet. My insides are rotting.


I’m doing a very bad job at this goal. I’m moving in the opposite direction. Booooooo!

7/7: no sugar allowed

I’m going to try to make this a no sugar day!

No progress whatsoever.

I’m eating more junk than ever. It’s so chocolately and delicious. I’m a chocolate junkee.

meliflower has gotten 92 cheers on this goal.


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