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Stop comparing myself to other people

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Have I stopped? No

Have a cut down to a very low level…YES! I’m very happy with myself here.

Comparison is horrible through and through. I want no part of it. My mind seems engineered towards it so I had to really retrain my thoughts in a counter-intuitive manner…

I have obtained partial success and will take inventory in this later in 2007. I hope to cross this off my list at some point, only for the improvement in quality of life.

The less I worry about how I measure up to others

The happier I am.

Comparison is the root of much evil!

Comparison is the fast track to misery. No matter who I compare myself to, I will either come up too short or in a better position. What good does being in a better position do me? It makes me complacent, maybe feeling like I’m actually better than the person…this is ugly. It creates a mental isolation from that person, instead of closeness. It fosters competition in an already competitive world. What does coming up short do? It knocks down my esteem, makes me desperately competitive, makes me feel like life is hard and unfair, makes me ask why???? There is rarely if ever an even balance…I am finding that comparison almost never creates any positive feeling.

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