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Woo Hooo!!!

I’ve made a new friend at school, I usually hang out with her after school, awesome, hehe, it’s nice socializing from time to time! :D


I went out today to watch Transformers 2 World Premiere with one of my still benign friends (one of the couple I still have left), I’m glad I didn’t feel like I was just acquaintances with her, because with her brother (my ex-best friend) I feel like I talk and walk with a stranger everytime I sort of semi-hang out with him, it’s trully an awkward experience, even for his sister. So now I hang out with her a bit more, and that’s nice, she’s a nice friend.

I feel I still need to make new friends though, these years of my life I’ve really been craving something different, and my new university will definitely bring me that, I really hope so, I will try my best to put in practice the few social skills I have left (I’m known for being socially awkward).

Well, now, I need to go study. :P


I made a new friend, but online :-( but hey, it can’t all be perfect! At least he’s nice :P

I’m starting a new University on July, so, I’ll make new friends there :-)


I SO need to do this…

I don’t have a best friend anymore… Seems like lately he thinks he’s WAY better than me for some unexplained reason :-\

I think his new job got into his head and that’s sad… Because I’m the only person who was put to the side, so I guess he wasn’t even my friend in the 1st place, let alone the “best”...

You know what’s the most ironic thing? That since we’ve known each other since we were in Kinder Garden (so I’m talking about a 20+ years friendship), in the last years I’ve tried to be even a better friend than I already was, and only to have it backfired, because apparently he thought that I was so good and passive that I could take any mistreatments, but… He was wrong. I was just trying to be the nicest friend I could, my intentions were never to appear weak or a pushover.

My friendship is over with him. Though I loved him like brother, one can’t stay close to someone who treats you like nothing more than a complete stranger.


And that’s the new motto that’ll lead my life towards healthy friendships.

Making new friends and discarding old ones...

I expect to AT LEAST make acquaintances, I am socially awkward and I find it hard to make friends, but I think it’s necessary, my old friends are not being my friends anymore, it’s “having someone” but not really having someone, so I feel alone and it’s not fair if you’re supposed to have friends!

Lately I’ve been only hanging out with my cousins and aunts, which is really nice, but I think I need to expand my horizons!

I’m gonna start a new chapter in my life, after all I have noone to account to {grins}

Wish me luck you guys, and any tips are welcomed!


I really don’t have the time nor the energy for this one right now… Maybe when I start school I’ll make it a new goal to make new friends and actually keep in touch with them… For now, this “goal” is only making my list look bulkier… :-P

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