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I walked around NYC almost every waking hour I was there. I wish I lived somewhere as interesting as there. I could walk forever in Manhattan and not get bored. There are only so many places to walk in Fremont, and almost nothing worth seeing.

I walked from the 1 train on 116th and Broadway, all the way around Central Park to the 6 train at Grand Central Station…plus across the Brooklyn Bridge, the Lower East Side, the West side of Central Park, the Financial District, Greenwich Village/Soho/Union Square, and all over the area around Madison Square Garden (where I was staying). Times Square and Canal Street were waaay too crowded to walk in.

going to start

My new co-worker, Amy, and I decided we are going to start walking around the Fremont Lakes this summer before school begins. Hopefully we can keep it up when school starts – maybe before school (maybe) or after school since she won’t be coaching. Plus if I get a cocker spaniel (see my 43things), dog walking!

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