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start a financial class for single parents.


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Time is flying by...

We are now 4 weeks into the 13 week class and we are flying high. We have 20 single parents in our class, each dealing with various issues but each seems dedicated to wanting to work to improve their situations.

I was hoping that we would have a good turn and we acheived that, but the biggest surprise has been how my church has pulled together in order to serve. They have provided dinner each night, and have provided childcare for the event, all free to the class participants. While this may seem like a minor thing to many who may read this, you must understand that this is a very small, mainstream congregation. In the decades that I have been a member, I’ve never seen the church put together a sustained effort like this to serve others.


This is coming together faster than I ever imagined it would. Another group in town that hosts a large workshop (not related to my class, but would appeal to the same clients.) is willing to share their mailing lists with me. I have a group of people willing to provide child care and I’m in the process of signing groups up in the church to provide dinner each night for the parents and kids.

I have a regular class going on right now and it is going to demand a fair amount of time. I’m receiving requests to help another group set up a special class for the homeless as well. My pastor was right when he said, “There is a certain amount of danger in saying ‘Here I am God, use me as you will’ because that is usually the type of prayer that receives an answer and rarely is it, ‘Go home and take a nap.’” :-)



Funny, isn’t it. You set a goal a year away. Make almost no progress, no matter how hard you try, and at the end of the year God decides to bless you and you are off and running!

Tonight my church’s board voted to offer the Single Parent’s Financial Class, it was a unanimous vote. I have a single mom who has agreed to help coordinate the class this summer. I have 8 volunteers so far who are willing to provide free babysitting, and a couple of groups in the church have said they will provide meals for the parents and kids.

3 weeks ago, this idea was dead in the water and now people are asking me why we are waiting till Summer to start it.

Now is the time to get it organized and advertised.

My prayer is now one of THANKS and a prayer for strength.

Through the classes I’ve done in the past, I have every confidence that we are going to be able to see lives being changed. It is an incredible feeling being surrounded by people willing to do the hard work to make a difference in their lives and their financial futures. I’m blessed.

Time to take a deep breath, and make this happen! Yee Haa!!!



I’ve been doing the homework necessary to start a financial class for single parents. 52% of single moms live below the poverty level, so there is little doubt that I would have plenty of takers if such a class were offered. The problem is that I would like to get a little help from some of the other people in my church to start this ministry, and I’m having a hard time selling it. We already offer a financial class to the public at large, but not one solely targeted to lower income single parents. Although I’ve had several people go through our class from our congregation, none feels like they would like to take a leadership role yet.

I will continue to pray… and wait…



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