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I said I’d consider this goal accomplished when I’d been doing it for three months, and I have now done that! (I know they say it takes just one month to form a habit that will stick, but believe me, whoever made up that rule didn’t know me.)

I’ve actually done perfectly on this goal, as I’ve flossed religiously every night since May 3 without missing even one. I definitely plan to keep doing it. At least it’s one small, easy way to help keep myself in good health. And really, whenever I can get myself to do anything even remotely responsible I consider that an achievement. So, yay!

Praise from the dentist

When I got my teeth cleaned a week and a half ago, the dental hygienist told me there was very little for her to clean off and to keep up the good dental hygiene. Guess I’m doing the right thing! In 49 days I will have flossed daily for three months straight which means I’ll get to mark this goal as accomplished.

One month down, two to go!

It’s been one month, and I really have flossed every night! I think this might be a record for me. And I really do feel like it’s becoming a habit. If I manage it for another two months, I can check this goal off.

I’m going to get a cleaning soon, so I guess then I’ll see if my dentist notices any positive effects! Besides it’ll just be nice to be able to honestly say “yes” when he asks if I’ve been flossing.


I’m only on Day 4 of flossing every night, and already there’s no bleeding anymore. That was quicker than I expected!

Setting this goal

This is something I’ve been wanting to do but not actually doing for a few years now. It was one of my new year’s resolutions this year, and I did it every night for about a month. It was great! I just got lazy and stopped doing it. Time to renew my commitment.

I’ll consider my flossing habit formed (and this goal accomplished) if I keep it up consistently for three months.

Meredith has gotten 9 cheers on this goal.


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