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Stacie in Madison is doing 29 things including…

edit my novel

6 cheers


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This goal is being pre-empted by the art goals with more concrete end dates. Also, not enough mental space to continue editing. I’m also not going to be doing nanowrimo for the first time in 5 years, whew.

our household is still participating, as my husband is going to try the challenge.

aside from supporting him in his 50,000 word goal, I’m going to coast on this goal, and work on some others for a while.

not giving up, just allowing myself to relax.

when i return, i’ll need some editing advice.

Shroud: Notecarding through Chapter 11 - Done!

Hey! Last night I finally finished notecarding my novel.
I ended up adding two chapter headings (breaking up chapter 9 into 3 chapters). It wasn’t even that long of a chapter, but the scope of it really needs to be several chapters.

I’m learning a lot about the future outline of my novel. These last few chapters are pretty clear about the action needed, though some of them need to be somewhere around chapters 4-5, so some shuffling will occur.

So, the next step is to rework the outline, and examine it for flow and action, and try to see what I really want to accomplish. It’s going to need a lot of effort, but I’ve got a pretty good handle on the direction.

I’m curious what I’ll end up with.

Shroud: Notcarding through Chapter 7

Ha! I got an extra writing night in! After a little bit of pizza and musing with Heather, I headed to Mother Fool’s and ensconced myself at one of the desks in the back.
Then, I notecarded my way up to a point in Chapter 7 where I felt the chapter should really end. I moved the start of Chapter 8 up.
Feeling really good about this. Starting to realize that chapter 7 and 8 are really the middle of my novel. I’m looking forward to moving the outline around. Only two more chapters left to notecard.


Shroud: Notecarding up through Chapter 5

Wow. I notecarded like crazy last night. I’m mosly just taking the points from my outline and putting them down on the cards.

I’d say I got about halfway done with notecarding last night.
We even switched coffee shops, as the one we were at closed at 9. We headed over to Mother Fool’s and got some dark chocolate, and I put my headphones on and notecarded my way through chapter 3, 4, and the 30 notecards of chapter 5. (guess which chapter needs cutting down.)

It kinda feels like a real story though, just reading through the outline again.

I ran out of notecards! I had to grab some ones that I’d been using for the last book I wrote. (they had only titles that I’d scratched out for the proper Shroud title/chapter on them)

I’m numbering each card in the bottom left corner, for each chapter. That’ll give me an idea later what order I originally had them in. If I move things around or add new ones into a chapter I think I’ll put a new number on one of the right corners somewhere. Hrm.

Feels like progress though. Moving slowly on.

Shroud: Outlined

Two days after my father died, I finished outlining my novel. This is a big milestone.

Now that I have a working outline, I’ll finally be able to start with revisions and rewriting.

I’ll start by doing some outline notecarding, and try to form a better overall format for things to flow through.

and then, the hard work, editing and rewriting.

I can do this. I can do this.

Shroud:Chapter 7 outlined

Aha, finally worked my way through chapter 7, last night at writing group. The writing and characterization seem a bit more solid here, though there are several places where I put in reminders to add more scenes, and just went on and wrote the importantish plot parts.

There are also some continuity issues, but that’s bound to happen when you write 50,000 words in 30 days without looking back. I find myself giggling quite a bit over things I wrote, half asleep, in a desperate attempt to win Nanwrimo with words.

I don’t think I have all that much left to outline left. I’m into chapter 8, and running out of scrollbar.

After the outlining is done, then the real work begins. Printing out the outline, seeing what I have, where scenes are needed, which ones can just be tossed, and what order.

kinda exciting.

outlining continues

I have never taken this long to read any book.


outlining for chapter 7 continues. it’s… very… long.


Midway through outlining chapter 7. lots of action here, that likely needs to be earlier in the novel.

Shroud:Chapters 4-6 outlined!

Wow! I got a ton outlined last night, 4-6!!! in one night!

Happily the writing in this middle section of my novel written in 03 is not as bad as the writing in chapters 1-3. It’s pretty readable, not pretty, but at least most of the sentences make narrative sense.

Chapter five features many journal entries of the father of the protaganist, and some of the text is compelling. I’m not sure this book has space for these 31 entries, but knowing what happened in those past dark days will certainly aid me later.

Chapter 6 returns us to story, and has a lot more sense of where things are going. It’s incomplete, (which I noted when I wrote it, but I included some notes on where I wanted to go).

Those in the writing group know, this is the first time I’ve actually ever read through my novel. It’s really hard to pick up most nanowrimo novel and read them in their raw form. (There are of course better writers,(Eric), who can write fast and well, but I am not yet one of those).

After that first rush when all the words were pushed out, ready or not, I haven’t had the courage and determination to get back to them. (Mostly discouraged by chapter 3).

But I’ve pushed past my roadblock, and I should be able to finish my base outline soon. My chapters are divided with little ryhme or reason, but I don’t think I have more than 9.

After the outline, then I may notecard out some things, and see if I have all the parts required for a complete narrative.

Yay! Progress.

Chapter 4 sighted!!

Wow! I made it through chapter 3. This wouldn’t be a big deal if I
hadn’t started to try to edit this novel on and off since I wrote it
in 2003. Chapter 3 was a big reason why I hadn’t made it yet.

It’s way too long, and rambles, and needs massive editing to make
things clear and readable. But I made it through. It’s been a major
roadblock to me. I haven’t even read my novel once since writing it, I
don’t know if it gets better, if my writing pulls together or
anything, and kept stopping after trying to slog through chapter 3.

After I finish summarizing Shroud, Chapter 3 and I are going to sit
down for a long talk.

Still, it’s progress, and that’s a good thing.

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