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write a short story.

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Michael Gorsuch has written 5 entries about this goal

Ha! I have a plot idea!

Not 10 minutes after despairing over a lack of a plot, it came to me. I saw my character in my head, and he looked tired. I asked him what he needed, and he told me. He needs the world to hear his story.

I can’t wait to tell it for him.


OK. I have this character in my head, but can’t figure out how to build a story around him. I’ve fleshed him out. He’s ready to go to work.

Maybe the plot will come later tonight.

Some Exercises

From Creating Short Fiction, I did the following:

  • Observe a living being (plant, sleeping dog, person, etc, etc) and watch them until you learn something about them. Write a paragraph describing that.
  • People watch. Find someone / a couple on the subway and note things about them. Describe them well in your notebook.

The purpose of both of the exercises is to help you learn to see.

Note to Self

Tomorrow I will begin working on some of the beginner exercises from Creating Short Fiction. No excuses.

Got a Writing Partner

I had coffee with my friend Sumana a couple of weeks ago, and we agreed to try our hand at each writing a short story by October first.

I’m nervous, as I haven’t written any short fiction in a number of years.

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