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lose 10 lbs


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down 4 lbs!

ok, so, this morning when I weighed myself, I was about 176 lbs. I am really excited about this, since I’ve continued eating “normally” and I’m still losing weight!

hope everyone else is having luck with their goals!


my little big goal.

trying to lose weight and recover from bulimia at the same time… actually it’s more turned into just binge eating this past month due to not purging it in anyway, so I gained weight. I eventually want to lose 55 lbs, I was 180 yesterday, but I figure if I aim for 5 to 10 lbs a month I can do it much healthier. so in 5 to 10 months I hope to be 125 lbs.

I have started eating breakfast, which I am not used to, and eating a better lunch (I used to eat about 6 oz of lettuce and tons of water) and then I’d always binge at night. but these past few days i’ve been really good with eating a good lunch and something at breakfast and eating a snack between dinner and bed (like applesauce or a popsicle).

anyway, my weigh days are going to be mondays, I’ve left the scale in the same place in the bathroom but am only going to weigh myself on mondays (I used to weigh myself before meals and after and after excersice, so once a week is challengeing so far!)

anyway, time for me to get to bed, work at 7am and its almost 1030pm, so I have to go to bed now or I really won’t want to get out of it in the morning!

good luck everyone else!

oh my email/msn is mai_014@hotmail.com add me if you want!



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