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So I attempted to cook rice today – absolute disaster. :(
I never knew cooking rice was so complicated! I put it in a pot, added water and then let it boil. When It looked good I tried tasting it, still hard. So I cooked it for longer, still hard. I put a lid on the pot and took it off every now and then and the rice turned into some weird mushy substance, while the bottom of the pot got a hard layer of ricer crust or something.. So yeah. No breakfast today! :(

So it turns out...

... that I’m underweight, by a whopping 20Kg! I knew I was skinny for my height and I wasn’t the healthiest bloke on the planet but 20Kg? Get out! I guess I’m going to have to start doing what normal people do and eat some food. I’ll keep this updated since that seems to help me stick to my goals. :)


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