Fig in Grosse Pointe Public Library is doing 14 things including…

go skinny dipping

4 cheers


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It’s cold in the New England oceans after sun down. I kind of chickened out on this one as I went after the beach cleared out. I should have awakened a bit earlier the next morning and gone again during sunrise.

Anyways, worthwhile, but cold as hell in those waters. I’m going to be doing this one again in the cold(er) waters of Lake Superior. Wish me luck and I hope I don’t come back a soprano.

At this point, no

I, unfortunately, on the other side of nowhere and it is a bit cold here. When I get back home, I am going to take a swim one evening when the waters warm up, and then I will go again when I get back up here for school. Like I said though, it’s a bit cold right now to do this one. This one will wait for a bit, but I’m sure it will be worth it.

As an aside, maybe I should make this goal complete when I have swam in all 5 Great Lakes…

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