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at the moment I am grateful for
  • that I went through the summer without getting hurt
  • that I started a new job and have a lot of positive feedback already
  • all my plants were still alive after an extreme hot and dry summer (had them on a drain system which is mad for indoors only
  • I have more time for me now
  • I do not have to travel anymore unless I want to
  • meeting wonderful people in my job
  • feeling very well in my apartment
  • taking good care of myself
  • feeling free
  • having met two freinds I know since over 20 years and feel connected
  • starting yoga in October (together with a friend)
  • my mom is all fit and healthy

Christmas everyone!
today I am thankful for:
  • driving home for chrsitmas to my mum packed with really nice presents
  • spent a wonderful evening with a friend, watching the Rat Pack Las Vegas Show in Vienna (loved it!)and we had free tickets!
  • just had vegan apple pancakes, which were very good!
  • am having a cold but am thinking I am over the worst part, already.
  • got the key for the January work apartment, already, and am happy that I have an affordable place to stay.
  • I like my tax-man so much more than the lady I used to hire to help me: I am not so much dreading doing the taxes, anymore!
  • came closer to my nephew and his girlfriend, they are moving close to me, which is great!
  • a bit of snow outside, today!
  • will have a vegan shepherds pie for christmas with my mum (I like it a lot that the joins me!)

thanks for:
  • I finished almost everything I wanted to do (unloved tasks) for this year
  • even got myself a new drivers license (had to get up really early and get in a loong line with hundred other people, which sucked)
  • start to feel myself more again
  • got all my christmas cards ready and they are really beautiful this year, with a removable postcard from my hometown.
  • the gingerbread house I bulit with my friend an her little son is still standing and smelling wonderful!
  • I have a wonderful job offer for autumn, again (touring a little) and if I am lucky it will be Australia and Japan, this time. (keep fingers crossed!)
  • I will be spending xhristmas with my mom (she got a divorce from a man I disliked, this year)
  • will cook vegan for mom and me at x-mas
  • snowing in Salzburg, meaning we can do all the fun stuff (riding the sledge,...)
  • feels good to know that I have enough work in the new year (I am my own small company – freelancer_ so that is always an issue for me)
  • had a weird dream (dropped my iPad by accident on someones head) and waking up and knowing it is not true!
  • found a beautiful calender and got one for me and my friend

  • my new friend, everytime we meet: warm and joyful!
  • I have just one more week to work, this year and then I am on holidays until Jan.7th!
  • a “friend” who got on my nervs for months proposed that we don´t see each other any more (I have trouble giving up on people I like, and would have listened to her crap for a much longer time)
  • I turn out to be a knitting machine, that fills me with joy and pride
  • doing Katie Byrons work more often and feel fine.
  • my little operation went well
  • my official tax letter came back: no changes necessary
  • got a videobeam pretty cheap and can have film evenings with friends!
  • will spend christmas with mommy again!
  • so much looking forward to all my time off!

merci beaucoup!
  • I have everything I need and more
  • I got a special friend who is preparing Nikolo bags (filled with sweets and goodies) for homeless people or people in need.and I help him and will send a box of six goodie bags out today.
  • I am having a new tv series I really like
  • met my new friend (since summer) this sunday, we went to the biggest cemetary in vienna and had wonderful talks- we made plans: will bake a gingerbread house with her little son!
  • I have a little boy in my life now who loves to receive postcards and I am traveling a lot and will keep his mailbox happy
  • my collleague and friend came back from the burnout clinic and seems to feel better
  • I started to knit a scarf (I am soo bad at knitting! always was) but I am trying anyway!
  • almost looking forward to christmas! yay!

this week

i finally over.
It was a very good week. I got so many things done that I dreaded for a long time.
yesterday I had a cervical polyp removed and now I feel like all I needed to do is done.
I am waiting for my tax to be done by my new taxman nad then I am all set for the winter!

  • my plants: always a pleasure to look at
  • new bike saddle (old one got stolen: new one much more comfy!
  • finally finished all my tax work for 2011 (and sorted most of 2012, too!)
  • met my coach and had some wonderful ideas
  • going to Sweden and Berlin, next year!
  • mom is healthy and happy and enjoying herself in a spa with her best friend!
  • my brother has re-connected with his girlfriend (she is adorable)
  • my former apt. sub-renters cleared out their garbage from my storage in the cellar (finally: after two years!)

thankful for
  • so much work, I can choose from
  • an apartment in the middle of the old part of the city in a walking distance to most of the beautiful spots in my city
  • a new friend
  • getting done a lot of things in this week that have been sitting on my chest forever
  • having got a family gift that will grant my financial well being for a lifetime
  • my cactus collection is growing and prospering
  • living mostly vegan
  • a nice guy who I met half a year ago called and asked me out
  • my swedish stove
  • having everything I need


I am thankful for

  • the invitation to a garden party in upper Austria (I will see friends I havent seen in a long time)
  • my quiet summer
  • I am having enough of everythng
  • meeting quite many people on the street when I go shopping or ride my bike, that makes me feel good
  • box of new clothes arrived yesterday incl. a new fav.pullover finely knitted
  • made apricot jam yesterday (I love doing that and having a treasure like that for the winter

and here it is after my treatment

Traffic yellow (I love it!)
looks so much fresher and cleaner!

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