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Another entry... Such as it is

Set a goal for myself to make an entry this week, and posted it earlier. Just a short post about my experience writing a Windows 8 program—just a stream of consciousness sort of thing, but I wanted to get something up.

I’ve added two goals to remember the milk for the coming week—get entries done by Wednesday and Sunday.

Off the Wagon

So my efforts to establish a habit of writing at least an entry a week just didn’t do the trick. I’m really at a loss for what to do here… I just don’t really see how I can move forward. Do I just soldier through it, come up with at least one topic a week and write about it? That hasn’t worked so far. Should I come up with a bucket load of topics and pull one out each week to work on? Maybe just a marathon run through a bunch of topics and keep them “on deck” in case I can’t come up with something in a particular week.


Got behind on this a bit. I did update the blog so that my Twitter posts appear on the blog, and blog posts get tweeted. I’ve got an idea for a series of posts… Hopefully going to post the first of them before the weekend.

Getting easier

It’s been about a week since my last entry, and this is getting a lot easier to do. I’ve got another entry started and I’ll finish and post it tonight.

I’ve got several other posts that I’ve started, but haven’t finished… a few of them are simply titles—I had expected to go back and write an entry later. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet. I really need to develop a strategy for writing entries—I think it’d be a big help.

Addthis and feedburner now set up...

I added the addthis plugin to Wordpress, and set up an account with them so I can track shares. Last week I set up a feedburner account—I’ll be able to track RSS subscriptions that way. Just a few little things out of the way.

Next big thing is to either customize the theme for the blog or just install a new one. Not sure what I’m going to do there.

Doing a bit better... 3rd post up

After only one week. Definite improvement there. I find that coming here and making quick posts helps me organize my thoughts so that they make sense when written up in a post, and that’s helped quite a bit with getting this blog started. I really have to overcome the feeling that a blog post needs to be something significant—like 1500-2000 words (none of them have been so far!).

Second post... A *bit* late

Finally made my second post. I started it over a week ago, my original goal was to post twice a week, and it’s been three weeks since my first post. That’s not all that great. I’m still in this, though, even if I might be the only person reading my posts. :p

First entry is up!

:) I’m soooo proud of myself. Not going to provide a link, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find looking at my profile here. ;)

Good start on the first entry

So at lunch today I got started on my first entry. I’ve got over 400 words so far. Hopefully will finish it and post it tonight.


I’ve got the blog set up. I’ve got topics I want to cover. I’ve even started a few entries, but… This just seems really difficult to follow through on. I was hoping to do an entry or two (at least!) a week, but I’ve yet to do a single one. What’s holding me back?

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