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Spend my easter with a friend in a spa resort :)

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Third day

Today was easter Sunday and we had a delicious breakfast, sauna and relax in the afternoon. We had a special cosmetic treatment. They put healing earth on me, as a hot lotion, hmm. Then they covered me with a blanked and put hot water around me, in a kind of tank. It was wonderful, I was laying/swiming in warm water, unable to move any muscle. Ohhh, it was so relaxing. Afterwards I felt so heavy :) and pure…
As an perfect ending of this day we had a delicious dinner… Hmmm, again a perfect day. I could stay here another week :)

Second day

What a wonderful day! After very good night sleep we wake up and had a very delicious breakfast. After a little walk outside (it was to cold and windy for a longer walk) we went into the spa. We had solarium, sauna and a massage or a cosmetic treatment. It was so relaxing and wonderful. We had a glas of champagner afterwards, wow. I’m so happy to be here… :) in an hour we are going to the Easter fire. It is a little bit cold but anyway, happy :)

First day

Only perfect. :) my friend and I met in Berlin and went to the spa resort. It seems to be a place for the high society, a masarati is parking outside! But anyway :) we had a wonderful and girlylike day. We read, slept, had (a little but delicious) dinner and a wellness evening. I love it :)

Instead of chaos

at home with my family I chose to spend four days with a friend in a spa resport, yay. She has the same problems with her family and after christmas we decided – no, this is not how we want to spend our holidays. We will go there tomorrow, it is not far away. and I’m hoping for some days with time for sport, sauna and read something. :)

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