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Kiss someone passionately, as if I'm apologising without words, while standing in the middle of the street, sheets of rain soaking us to the bone.

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Just realised that since this goal is now incredibly complex, there is little chance of me completing it anytime soon. I’d have to do something wrong and apologise for it by kissing alone while it’s raining hard and we’re both outside together at the same time. The likelihood of all those things happening simultaneously is very, very slim.

Basically I just want my life to be a movie. Is that so wrong?? :P

Just read the last post

And I shake my head in disbelief. I am clearly insane. Apologies.

By the way, no word yet about this goal, I’m afraid, but perhaps I could change it to “kiss in the snow” and we might be getting somewhere!

And wintertime hast arrived..

...therefore, from now until about April is the optimum time for this most drenching of activities. Unless, of course, you enjoy sailing in the middle of a vast expanse of ocean with Gale Force 10 winds.



BUT IT WAS THE WRONG GUY, DAMNIT! so i stayed under the umbrella.

there was nothing in the goal saying i have no right to be pedantic. the kiss only counts if you like the guy. :P

Damnit!! Part 2

I now have a boyfriend, but every time I see him there is no rain!! Pah. Stupid English weather. So bloody indecisive.

Oh, and NOW it decides to rain, but I’m in Japan which is a million and a half miles away from SAM!!! sobs loudly Why? Oh why…


Missed my chance for this one, unfortunately. Unlikely to happen until the summer (it always rains in this country, no matter which season it is), or possibly Christmas. Lack of time and too much work leads to no boyfriend. :(

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