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find my meaning in this world.

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x & O

4 days is all I need to change so much .

salt & pepper

the beginning of life I was given so many opportunities to succeed.
My home country is being destroyed due to war and genocide.
And somehow, I ended up in Hawaii.

weird how things work out.

trying to figure why I was drawn to this island chain..

the energy here is very special and some say that the island picks and chooses its inhabitants. .

thoughts from my mind .

nails ^__^

nail art is neat .


i like simple things .


Just another excuse but ; I want to go back to collage after the new campus is built.

Bigger . Not only will there be more class rooms, but also more activities . The current campus is in a business plaza and right next to a biker bar.. There aren’t any sports, clubs, etc…
There is an AWESOME culinary program ,small computer room, and library.

Most of the classes are the current campus are online, video, distance learning.

I want to be in a classroom with my peers . Part of going to school is be social right ?


I enjoy painting nails.
& doodling all day.
Lost under the sky.
& Playing in the waves.
Stuck int he jungle.
Can roam everywhere.
I love being able to explore.

its not about meaning its about PURPOSE.

Exploring my passions.
Finding new hobbies. Making new friends.
Learning and understanding different ways of living.

Keep an open mind. and everything will be fine.


Welcomed 2012 by seeing the best illegal fireworks show ever.

Wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Had the best New Years kiss <3
It’s weird how shit works out in life.
Fate plays a really big role in mine.

And roots.

I’m always going back home to Honaunau.


It’s not even about finding my meaning in life.
It’s about finding my passion (s) in life.

My love for something will then guide me to my place in life.
& when it happens I’ll just know.

iLike To:

draw, paint, talk with my friends, travel, organize, clean, talk on the phone, meet and seek new friends, and help do good for people :)

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