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Running in place

This is going to take a lot longer than I thought. Some are nice, one-click, see ya unsubscriptions. Others require hoops and accounts and passwords and pacts signed in blood. Then when I unsubscribe, I get more emails telling me I did so.

I wish I could just ditch that account, but I have too many things I need linked to it. Darn modern age!

Did I order spam?

Since I’ve been getting emails telling me about cheap travel out of London (three years since I was last there) and catalog offers from tack shops (four years after I last touched a horse), I’ve decided to unsubscribe to every irrelevant newsletter cluttering my inbox. I use a different address for friends, otherwise I lose their messages in the chaos.

This may take a while but I intend to sieze back my yahoo account! Hooah!

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