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have nice abs


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mintchip has written 9 entries about this goal

I'm done!

I’ve pretty much had flat defined abs since I was a child(I dunno, genetics I guess). They got a little less defined during college, thanks to the freshman 15. Recently I’ve been doing a lot of ab work and spinning. I’ve also eliminated white flour and processed sugars from my diet. I am proud to announce, they’re back and they’re here to stay!!

Still doing the 100 a day

Between that and quiting sugar my abs are looking Maxim Mag ready!

Keeping up with my 100 crunches a day resolution...

I feel like they are looking better already!! I quit eating sugar and that’s helped too.


I stayed for the 15 minutes of abs after kickboxing this am (I usually leave early to have extra get ready time before work) I also did 100 crunches last night, and decided I am going to do the 100 daily. I’m on my 2nd day sugar free, and I noticed the little layer I get on my stomach when I’m eating a lot of carbs has subsided. :)


Focused on my abs during my weight training session this am…may go back for a 60 minute spinning class tonight to burn that layer.


I skipped the 15 minutes of abs after spin class in order to have extra time to get ready before work. However, I have been working on my form, which involves tightening your core while you ride, so the spin classes alone should be helping…not to mention the fat burn they give you as well.


Did 15 minutes of abs in my kickboxing class. Getting there…


Continuing on with spinning and kickboxing classes (to burn the fat), I also went to the gym at 6:00 am this morning and did a 15 minute warm up followed by an hour of weights and abs. I have a pretty good start (I already have definition) but I want the crazy ripped abs!

Ab Fab

I did a a spinning class with 15 minutes of abs afterwards Monday morning, and a cardio kickboxing clas with 15 minutes of abs afterwards today. Yay for me!


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