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pay off my debts

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I just put a trip I had and some other things on my recently paid off card and racked it up, but now I just received some freelance checks in the mail and it’s more than enough to pay it off again.

Other current debts:
-student loan (small balance with low interest)
-car payment (less than a year left at 0% interest)
-small balance owed to parents
-small balance owed to savings account

I’d like to get the bottom two debts out of the way, since I am planning on expanding my art/design studio, and am going to have to put some of those expenses on my card.

I have 4 cards and they all have zero balances right now!! Yay!

Almost there!!

I payed off my two credit cards. So I currently have 3 cards with zero balances!!

Only debts left:
-student loan (small balance and low interest rate)
-car payments (one year left of payments)
-$$ I owe my folks (small balance)

Making progress...I officially paid off my computer!


The first 2 were biggies (totaling over 10k)

Almost there...

I paid off my Target card, which was over 3 grand (yikes, I know!) And I am so glad, because that card has the worst interest rate! I paid a large portion of my bank credit card, which I put my computer on, and as soon as I get the rest of my outstanding freelance checks it will be paid off in full. It feels so good to have these things out of the way.

I am so ready to pay off these cards!!

I have 6 grand in checks coming to me from freelance jobs…the check’s in the mail, just waiting to recieve it.


I just booked a bunch more freelance jobs. That should be enought to pay off half my Target card (after taxes).


My Target Visa is outta control…it all adds up so fast! And then I have my computer on my other Visa (at least that one has a good interest rate). I’ve taken on some freelance to help quickly pay these things off. I have 3 designs to do this weekend that should take a big chunk off of the total.
I am considereing taking the tax money out of my business account to pay them off and then paying back my account by the end of this year (no interest then.) I just have to be responsible about it because I need that money to pay taxes.


I have 3 things I need to pay off:

-my computer/business credit card expenses
-Target Visa
-money I owe my parents

So far,I have been making payments and have not put any new purchases on the cards, and I made my first payment to my parents as well.

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