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ACCEPT others exactly as they are


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i SO need to do this, and so does everybody else on the face of this earth.

I really need to do this! Sometimes I judge poeple when really I don’t have a good appearence myself- I’m overweight and have bad acne. But, I still judge other poeple. I shouldn’t, when I know I’m probably judged as well. Despite my looks, I get some of the best grades in class, and I’m really creative and have a fun sense of humor. I’m really unique if you get to know me. so, the next time i see someone like me, i should feel sorry for them, understanding their pain, not thinking about how weird they look whie i’m not any better. And, poeple out there, don’t forget: even if you ARE nice looking, with perfect skin and a great sense of style, and a fit body, even you shouldn’t judge poeple. you should still for sorry for them. -mishachan~su


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