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keep a log of what I eat

4 cheers


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Megan has written 8 entries about this goal

March 16th day 6

Breakfast: one scrambled egg
Snack: Celery
Lunch: Salad of bitter greens (forgot the walnuts)
Snack: Cucumber
Dinner: ???? maybe popcorn or another salad (going to the movies and maybe out to dinner)

oh ya and I had a little bit of popcorn last night

March 15th day 5

Breakfast: Woke up late so I didnt have time
Snack: Almonds
Lunch: Salad
Snack: BBQ Chicken
Dinner: Chicken Capri

Also I had another salad on the 14th

March 14th, day 4

Breakfast: Ham and Chesse Omelet
Snack: Spinich salad with chicken
Lunch: the rest of the spinich salad
Snack: BBQ Chicken
Dinner: Celery with peanut butter (I had to switch my last snack and dinner because I have to work at my other job after work here so I can eat the celery on the way to work)

March 13th, third day of south beach diet

Breakfast: Ham and Cheese Omelete
Snack: Ruben Wrap
Lunch: Salad
Snack: 15 Almonds
Dinner: Steak


Breakfast: Celery and PB
Lunch:Bitter salad with walnuts
Dinner: Steak with asparigus

I know I am bad at spelling


breakfast: ham and cheese omelete
Lunch: six layer taco salad
Dinner: Chicken, made with a recipie for turkey, and brocolli and celery


wow I totally forgot about this goal. I think it will be a bit easier to do this. I have made a menu for the next two weeks so I already know what I am goign to eat. The reason that I made a menu is because I just started the south beach diet so I needed to know what groceries to buy.

First Day

First day of my log. I think that doing this is a really good idea. Today I had an apple and three crackers and I am going to have a can of soup for lunch and an orange for an afternoon snack and three more crackers for my after work snack. I don’t know what I am going to have for dinner yet. I am going to make a chart of my foods and the calories that they have. I also went to the gym for one hour.

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