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Mhm. Hey Thin Brigade! It’s Morgan here. Well, I know I haven’t been around much this year.. I only pop in once and awhile. I stopped eating unhealthily. I pack my own lunches for school instead of relying on those fatty foods from lunch to do the job.

I also realized that whatever is put in front of me, I will eat. Including healthy foods. So I haven’t weighed myself in.. and I don’t plan to. I just look at my body and that’s how I determine my weight :)

I screwed up

All the weight I had lost was gained back because I stopped running. My stupid shoes started hurting me so I gave up. It took longer to get shoes than I had imagined..

If this doesn’t work out, I’ve decided I won’t punish myself for it because that really wasn’t my fault. I was a bit overdue to get new shoes. I will, however, restart running asap.

The shoes feel great


you know how it is. You get tempted, etc. Ate a lot of pretzels today, but after I eat some chicken I’m going out for my daily run/walk thing. I’m planning on doing it everyday but Tuesday and Wednesday, because I’m busy on those nights, unfortunately.

Don’t know my current weight because I refuse to go on the scale but I did eat kind of badly today. Had some fruit and 100 calorie cookies. It was all good and now I need to go excercise and burn it all off.

I can usually taste when I burn something off. hehe


Well.. parts of my day were good. Others, not so good. The first part, I was talking to my dad and he suggested I stop looking at the scale so often. I can only agree with him. Now for the bad part.. I ended up eating four pieces of pizza today! I didn’t go on the scale, and they weren’t relatively large pieces but I’m so dissapointed! Grr..

Picture is of a girl that has a super cute bikini that I desperately wish to fit into by my Summer date.

The Weather

Blegh! I hate freezing cold days when all you want to do is bundle up in a nice warm blanket or take a hot shower. I seriously think my problem is is that this awful weather is preventing me from getting out and running. It’s somewhere between the single digits and teens and it keeps on snowing constantly. The roads aren’t plowed that good because there’s still a bundle of snow on the ground.

I think I’m going to walk my three miles on the weekends more often, or when I know when it’s not going to snow because I can’t really stand the cold much longer. Even doing papers seems chillier. But alas, I’ll just cut my calories a bit more so I don’t consume as much or work out at home.

Must beg for treadmill…


I’m to the point where I feel like quitting but hey, I won’t give up on this dream. My stomach is certainly in pain.. from starving and craving at the same time. Yesterday I ran/walked/jogged three miles though. It’s really easy if you make checkpoints (Like, once I get to this car, I’ll run past that car and walk until I see the another point where I can start) I think I’m going to start getting up at 5 to do my three miles so that way I can get a bit of excercise in everyday. I deliver newspapers, so I do get excercise anyway, just not enough for me. I play travel soccer so while it’s competitive, I get a lot of excercise from doing this. Especially when we have practice, we have a trainer, that really pushes us.

So far, I’m doing good I guess. I’m not giving into anything and I’ve dropped two pounds so now I’m 163. I’ll get there. Slow and steady wins the race ;)

Okay so..

Yeah. Woke up at 8 o’clock. I have to deliver papers every morning on the weekends so that’s the time I got up. I got ready and delivered with my dad. I wasn’t really planning on him being there, but it gets so bitter I can’t help but saying yes. So after my dad left, I took the dogs for a walk.

Before going to take the dogs, I had cereal and milk, which came out to 200 calories. I’m pretty sure I burned most of the calories on the walk, but I’m not going to eat anything, obviously ;)

Gahh.. starving, of course. I guess I’ll get through it. Just to make sure I post it here, my current weight is: 165 lbs. I got a lot of work to do! I asked my mom if we could go work out today and she said yes so that’s a start.

Thank you all for your tips. They’ll work wonderfully!

Hockey Game

I’m going to a hockey game with my dad tonight. Everytime I go there, I snack out so badly and he doesn’t mind, which is worse. It’s like a father/daughter time. So damn.. this is a good start, is it not? Now I’ll have to work extra hard tommorrow..

Personal Challenge

I’ve decided to personally make this a challenge of mine. I have until June 21st to be skinny or else I won’t snack out for a month (on popcorn, candy, etc.). If I do need a snack, it’ll be on fruit or vegetables. I’m trying to drop 30 lbs. I’m a size 12 now which is kind of embarassing. I was never a skinny kid, unfortunately :( That’ll all change.

I’m a member of a gym, it takes me forever to stop procrasinating going. I always tell myself I’ll go and never do. I guess it’s more hypocritical :( I’m not going to actually “diet” where I make sure everything’s less than 100 calories, I’m just going to keep track of what I consume a day and make sure nothing’s too fattening. I’m going to try and get up early and start running/walking. I’m going to try to eat salads for lunch. Even if I don’t like yogurt, I’m going to try and eat it.

I want to be able to wear a two piece swim suit by Summer, and since we’re only allowed one goal, I guess this is what I’ll stick to.

I’ll be updating on a regular basis. Wish me luck!


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