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weed the garden

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Yeah, me!

I planted the front of the house (one daisy and some geraniums) and spread some garden soil in the back garden and did some weeding. Looking good.

Overgrown mess

but the daisies are pretty

I deadheaded this morning.

But I still have a lot to do before next weekend. The deck is the first priority, though. So I will occupy Andrew while Barry works on the deck.

It's been raining like a monsoon

the good news is the annuals that haven’t been planted aren’t dying. Unfortunately, the garden is under water, so I can’t plant them. We still have a forest of volunteer maples growing in my garden, too.

I weeded a million

volunteer maple trees and planted half of the annuals. Luckily, I have a lot of perenials, so it wasn’t looking too bad.

Hee Hee

Mom came over again and weeded and planted some more things for the garden!

Mom did it for me!!

Wow. She actually enjoys weeding. She wanted to buy some flowers to plant, but I talked her out of it.

We are having a long soaking rain

right now, so I’m off the hook for 2-3 days while the “swamp” dries out. Mom, Dad & Grandma will be here Friday and Saturday, so I should be able to get some weeding done while they “entertain” Andrew.
PS. yeah, he wasn’t impressed with the pack-n-play:)

The grass is invading

I’ll have to carry the pack-n-play outside, set it up, carry the baby out, and try to weed with him outside with me. hmmmm.

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