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Start looking for new houses

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We still have the house, but we’re completely broke now. The appraiser wouldn’t budge on the value, so we came up with $8,000 cash to give to the buyer at closing on top of our mortgage value to keep her from walking away. Crazy!

So we move at the end of the month. I’m already thinking about the little things I can’t wait for non-stop. Like having a master bath instead of having to remember to go downstairs to wash my face before going to bed. And how nice the family room right off the kitchen will be. And the ATTACHED GARAGE!! (I know that one will be even more exciting in the winter in the snow) A jaccuzi tub. The kids having their own bathroom. The island in the kitchen. The park down the street.

I keep working my self up to pure happiness!

Still waiting

to hear from the appraiser. We are hoping to convince him to raise his appraised value on the house we are buying at least $10,000. He is currently $20,000 under the agreed sales price. We’d either have to renegotiate the sales price (which we don’t think the owner would drop her price that much) or come up with $20,000 cash on top of our downpayment and expenses, or walk away from the sale. Not fun. I’m trying to remain calm.

I'm dying here!

The appraisal on the house we are buying came in $20,000 below the sales price. Which means the seller needs to drop her price $20,000 (not going to happen), we need to come up with $20,000 on top of downpayment, or we walk away! I’m a basket case! What a mess. We are waiting for our realtor to negotiate with the appraisor to try to raise the appraised value.

Let me take a minute to rant at anyone that walked away from their mortgage or used their home as a piggybank. I realize that there are very good reasons why some people did this and I’m going to hurt some feelings, but I’m sick of consoling them. We have great credit scores and lived below our means for several years beyond the time when most of our friends were buying McMansions. When I hear about people walking away from their homes just because they are underwater, I get livid. A mortgage is a contract that was signed promissing to pay for the house you are buying. You don’t get to just stop paying because you feel like it. UGH.

Sorry about the rant. i’m already starting to filter my thoughts to be more politically correct. I just can’t imagine anyone from my grandparent’s generation even considering walking away from their house. When did we lose those ethics? Whatever happened to paying off your mortgage and actually aspiring to OWNING your home?

WE found one

we will be putting an offer in today. Fingers crossed!

Drove around today while

our house was being shown. Not the most efficient way to look at houses, but I showed Barry that great neighborhood in Bloomfield Hills.

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