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Happy Birthday

Random Thought: Birthday’s are great until you no longer care who acknowledges your birthday
Observation: Some people are pleasers who do whatever you want regardless of how ridiculous your request is.
Event: Today someone made me a birthday cake that I did not ask for and I feel like they are a more thoughtful and independent person then those that listen to me. I feel this is a pity party in many ways however I also feel like I learn a lot about people when they do things that I do not ask for.

Life should be more then just a box of chocolates

Random Thought: Really is this it..
Observation: Life can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be. I find myself looking at my life and thinking I could just do this forever and never really go any further… but what else is out there? Where are the fascinating people and exotic lands and if I stay long enough will I say the same thing “is this it”
Event: I seem to have mastered my current routine in life and find that I am looking for more or something different but nervous to rock a boat that is finally afloat without any holes. I assume my life will change again but I could see myself doing this exact thing 25 years from now. Is that bad I am happy… but I just wonder is this it and it that okay if it is.

Christmas Time Need to keep change (like save your money)

Random Thought: How do we solve an economic crisis by going into more debt and having everyone spend money that they do not have.
Observations: Christmas is a capitalistic enterprise that does not make anyone feel better about themselves just better then the kid who did not get a new video game. I think it is time people start saving money and reusing materials and stop buying things because it is newer then the one you have.
Event: I am heading home for Christmas and my nephew is about to be spoiled rotten and I can’t help but want to stop the madness my brother’s family is economically unstable but they go all out to buy useless stuff or things that he won’t even use.

The power of Procrastination

Random Thought: There is an upside to procrastination. It is all levels of procrastination.
Observation: People rate what is the least thing they want to do and then find as many other things that they could do before they have to do that one thing.
Event: I hate cleaning my bathtub. I can never get the right temperature of water it is always way too hot or not hot enough. Sometimes it just seems like such a chore to do but then something worse comes up such as writing reports at work and all of a sudden I have to clean my house and then christmas decorate and then write a few blogs and then pet my cat and of course clean the tub. After that well those reports can wait another day since I did clean the house and tub!

What makes a Jacka$$

Random Thoughts: There are several types of jerks the everyday miserable jerk, the cocky jerk, the silent jerk, the weirdo jerk and then the good Jerk (like Kramer from Seinfeld) who calls other people’s BS. And will take confrontation or a disagreement present an intelligent argument and feel justified for the disagreement.
Observations: I am becoming Kramer…
Event: I have been acting much more like me lately which is a good thing b/c I was mad at myself for not expressing my opinions. But as I go along feeling good about being more open about my feelings. I am reflecting that the many times I did not express myself was because I thought it was mean. I am not a mean spirited person but I find myself confronting more people that are narrow-minded.

treading lightly is only an option when on thin ice

Random Thought: Treading lightly is not always the best option sometimes you need to dig in and trust in your own ability.
Observation: The other day a co-worker slipped on ice and broke her leg. It seems bizzare that you can break a leg on such a simple task and it can literally alter your life simply because you took one mis-step
Event: A girl that has been a friend for a year decided that we should not be friends anymore because I am argumentative when we have conversations.
Real life Example:
She said: “She had a meeting this morning
I said: “Do you have one every Monday”
She said “No why would we do you?”
(we have the same profession just at different places)
I said: “Well I know you have a meeting every Friday I just thought…”
She said: “We don’t have a meeting we just meet”
I said: “Yeah, you get together and share ideas”
She said: “No we tell jokes”
I said: “so you meet and talk but that is not a meeting”
I then laughed and said that it kinda still sounded like a meeting
She said: “We shouldn’t be friends anymore because you are a cocky jerk”
I said: “I think you are over-reacting but fine”
This is how it went down. Yes we have a history but still… what is that all about??!

stress I don't need no stinkin' stress

Random Thought: People need to focus on what can go right instead of what can go wrong.
Observation: I seem to think that the best outcome will happen more then the worst outcome at least lately.
Event: Today I received a package in the mail that I noticed had a big gouge in the box and then walking home I actually dropped the package right on the cement. Which was kinda bad b/c I had my new camera inside but for some reason I just figured I would open the box and everything would be fine. And it was! No point in stressing the walk home when everything is gonna be alright.

Cat's got issues

Random Thought: My cat sleeps 20hrs a day but doesn’t seem to gain any weight. I sleep for 6hrs and I’m extremely jealous of my cat…is that ok?
Observation: My cat was puking almost every day for a week. Which I at first thought was how he was keeping his figure which is unhealthy so then I noticed that he did not puke when I surrendered my milk from my cereal bowl.
Event: My cat now receives his own little dish of milk and has been doing really good at not puking. But today I only had enough milk for my cereal… Today my cat threw up:(

You are only as good as the type of cookie you bring

Random Thought: Since judging people by the way they look is not acceptable we should judge by how good of a cookie they bring to a table.
Observation: People tend to bring sweets when there is unpleasant business to be done but when there is fun things to do they also bring sweets. So where is the balance how do non-sweet things get eaten.
Event: Today on the staff table there were 2 different types of cookies, mini chocolate bars and a raspberry crumble with vanilla ice cream. At first I said AWESOME then I asked what is happening today? Oh yeah…assessment marking blah:(

Sick and bored

Random Thought: Being sick is an excuse to be as lame as possible so long as you are not sick for longer then a day.
Observation: I am sick today and have not left my couch how will I go to bed and sleep when my body has only risen to go to the washroom and back.
Event: When you are sick and are not able to leave your apartment you start to really appreciate the internet even though you have nothing to do on it but write random thoughts.

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