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I am so happy to be doing this again!

For a while now I have been “seeing” things that I think would make great pix. Now I’m carrying around my little digi point & shoot, and actually capturing some of those images.

One thing I want to do is to photograph my parents a little more regularly. They are both in their mid-80s now, and I want to capture the moments now, while I can.

Tis the season

Love the light, love the color.

The beauty of it is that lately I’ve been shooting with an “ancient”, manual focus Nikon. It’s a fine piece of equipment, well-constructed, feels great in my hands. A known-quantity too, unlike the digicams I’m not quite familiar with yet.

Fun getting my feet wet again …

I did this as a treat to myself

the other day. Went out one morning, while the fall colors were still mostly in place, and did some shooting. The results need a bit of editing, but I was pretty happy with the results.


Hey, I did this this weekend!

One of my co-workers saw an online pic of me holding a camera, and asking to take some pix of staff members for a brochure. Did some in digital & some in film, and I think they turned out pretty okay.


Got the digi up and going again

which makes taking pix (& posting them!) much easier. Also scanning in some golden oldies. I have albums of them …

Foiled again!

It seems that the USB cable that connects my camera to the computer has gone south. I have plenty of images stored, but no way to retrieve them! A quick trip to Office Depot tomorrow should solve the problem …

Just got another roll of, yes, film developed

Recent weekend away with my man, some awesome pix of my irises. Looking at these on this cold, rainy day when I’m so at work and so BORED helps me remember the things that bring joy and meaning to my life. Will do some editing and upload them as soon as I can …

Maybe something to help here ...

I’m going to buy an older, used (but good) digital camera this weekend, primarily for posting stuff quickly online. But who knows? ;-D

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