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keep a relationship


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mocheese has written 4 entries about this goal

still in it!

fighting here and there. mostly about money, or lack of it.


i love this gurl!

we'll see....

i found a beautiful lady i want keep in my life as long as possible.

i would love to complete this goal

maybe this is all in my head, but i can never keep a relationship more then a year. i have come to believe that i push people close to me away at a year mark. be it friends or who ever i’m seeing at that time. crazy i know, yet i think it’s based on how i grew up. a different city ever year due to a very dysfuntional family. so as i grew up i never cared much for friends. why? because they would be gone come several months down the road. so this is where my problem starts. now i’m on my own, all grown up i guess, and no need to keep moving from city to city. even know i still give up on friends and such at about a year. it’s so weird, cause i know this. yet i still act the way i do….


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