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I’m beginning to see pretty strong correlations amongst my goals and practicing being kind certainly goes along with getting along with getting along better with my sister but I’ll write more about that under that string.

Aren’t we taught to be kind in kindergarten? Be kind to animals, be kind to your siblings, be kind to your parents and grandparents and the nice lady at the corner store? Where does that all go? I imagined myself as a pretty nice person but I’ve been monitoring my thoughts and reactions lately and neurotically going over past exchanges and wondering, ‘How could I have done that in a more kind way?’ ‘When did I become such a jerk?’

One thing I’ve noticed, for sure, is that the more of jerk I am—the more ungenerous I am with myself and the world around me, the more unkind the universe is to me. I’ve been told this and now I’ve seen it. So, now, I’d like to swing this all back in the other direction and be kind and generous with the world.

And I guess that all starts with being kind to myself.


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