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have a garden full of fresh herbs and vegetables to replace buying at the grocery store

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Guess what?!

We bought a greenhouse! While the snow was melting outside I had lots of seeds sprouting in our kitchen just waiting to enter the greenhouse. Now they are all out except from some herbs (sage, thyme, basil, oregano, cilantro) that I use when cooking. In the greenhouse there is now tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, spaghetti squash, pumpkin, a kumquat three, red bell peppers, more basil and parsley. So exciting!

Not forgotten this

It’s been a long time since I added this goal, but it’s been on my mind now and then, and now that the spring is entering I’ve just started this. I have a very nice smelling menta on my right in the window frame, bathed in sun light:) I’ve bought basilicum and parsley seeds, and a seedbox. I just need some good soil and I’m ready!

Veggies outside my bedroom window?

Gosh, that’s one of my sweet, supressed dreams; to able to grab a fresh and juicy “self made” tomato by just stretching your arm out the window, like a mini breakfast in bed. I would have carrots, squash, onions, tomatoes, parsley, thyme… well those to begin with. I guess I will have to wait until spring though. It’s not so suitable to start digging in your garden with all this permafrost.

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