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I thought this summer would suck...

I fell for a guy just before I was going to leave for 7 weeks to go to Colorado. I was afraid I would spend the entire summer missing him, and not really focussing on fun summer stuff. Thankfully, I ended up having tons of fun while…
rock climbing outdoors, hiking, summiting peaks, backpacking, river kayaking, whitewater rafting, camping, drinking coffee, hanging out, going to a Steve Earle concert and a Josh Ritter concert both with my older sister, seeing my extended family, playing ninja games, and hooking up with a guy in a tent on a camping trip!! << my first kiss too… and really amazing. Some of this stuff was done during a 3 week outdoor leadership camp, where I got to hang out with 2 amazingly cool counsellors, an awesome Malamute, and a couple of kids around my age who are now friends of mine that I’ll be seeing in the summers for years to come. That camp was not only insanely fun, but I learned a lot and got lots of new kinds of outdoor experience on top of the basic stuff I already had.

The one thing I really wanted to do that I didn’t get to:
I was planning on summiting my first Fourteener this summer. I was going to go with 2 17 yr old friends, no adults… we were planning on driving up a 4WD road and setting up camp before setting out around 1 or 2am to hike the peak and arrive at the summit at sunrise. It was going to be the most EPIC thing I’ve ever done. Unfortunately there were nasty t-storms, and the base camp and entire hike/climb is very exposed… we could see the lightning hitting the ridge that we were going to be on! yikes! plus, rain at night= NO visibility at all! I guess I’ll have to put that back on the list for next summer!

I can’t believe my time in Colorado is over for the summer!!! I’m back in New York now. I don’t really like it here… hmmm. School starts soon, so we’ll see how that goes. The bouldering season starts soon too, so climbing practice will be sometime to look forward to! I’m hoping for a successful and interesting year academically- a bit stressful too, going into Junior year!

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