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mollystar123 in San Francisco is doing 43 things including…

gain weight


mollystar123 has written 12 entries about this goal

vegetarianism --> ??

I recently (4 days ago) became vegetarian… I hear people tend to lose a bit of weight when they transition over… true/false? personal experiences?
I guess I just need to keep eating protein to maintain my weight, which I was getting anyway from things like granola, vegetables, cliff bars, whole grains, and (soy) milk, but I’ve been doing some reading and they say (whoever “they” are..) that vegetarians generally meet or exceed the daily protein intake requirements without trying too hard…. hmm.

I’m weighing in again soon (after a week of not weighing… I was at my grandma’s and eating lots of food with tons of fat and sugar- not to mention I have run twice in 2 weeks due to injuries- so I didn’t want to freak myself out), probably later today.


I’ve found that eating healthy calorie-dense foods will help. It seems a bit of an oxymoron, but it can be done. Eat lots of granola, fruit, energy bars (Luna and Cliff I find taste the best), nuts, etc. Avoid frequently eating things like ice cream, frappuchinos.. etc. It’ll probably lead to fat gain on your stomach, which wouldn’t be ideal visually or health-wise. Protein is very important (and is in most of the above mentioned foods) because your cells really need it to grow and repair, especially your muscles.


YAY! I weighed in at 130 a few days ago, and I weighed in again at 130.00 just now… so I’m assuming I’ve kept a relatively constant weight since then (I’ve been weighing myself between dinner and bed though, so 130 is not insanely accurate, but it’s been consistent for this time of day).


oh, btw- my BMI is now well into the “normal” range… which actually scares me a little! I think I’m up to like 19.5 or something (5’8”, 128… if I took it now at 130 though It’d go up to 19.8).
My total progress since this time last year:
heigh gain- 1/4” to none
weight gain- around 10 lbs
jeans size increase- about 1 size
bmi gain- about 1.5 or 1.7 ish (went from “underweight” to “normal”.. but that’s for adult females, I’m only 16)


to breaking 130!!! That’s been my goal for a while, and I got up to 129.8 lbs tonight after dinner without really trying. for the past month and a half I’ve began again to make a half-hearted attempt to gain some weight, especially now that I’m running again. so yeah, I am now .2 lbs away from my goal. gonna go drink some tea to bring it up… so even though it’s sort of cheating a little bit, at least I haven’t been trying to stuff myself all day just to get this goal. I’d like to be able to say I weigh 130. I like to shock ppl who tell me I look like I weigh “110, sopping wet”. yeah bitches, 130 and I’m completely dry.

advice to other skinny people with very little body fat- if you want to gain, try to gain muscle. it weighs a lot, and it’s better and easier to gain. trying to gain fat will do nothing because of you’re body type. so working out while eating a lot will get you nice muscle and a bunch of weight while keeping you health, even getting you healthier.

Fluctuation is a real downer

I have reached the low point of regular fluctuation yet again- barely weighing 123 lbs. :/
Track is going pretty well… I think I got a pr in the 200m in the scrimmage. Unfortunately scrimmages count for absolutely nothing points-wise. First real meet this Friday…

To those of you who are already obese and are trying to gain weight…wow, I just don’t know what to say. I’m gaining for health and strength. You’re just cutting ten years off your life. But hey, it’s not my business, so do what you want.

Hey, xxmrsxskellingtonxx, I know what you mean.

How you described yourself was pretty much me in 7th grade, though an inch shorter.

It’s very difficult for people with high metabolism to gain at such a young age as 12. Just keep eating what you love, don’t worry about gaining weight right now. I can almost guarantee when you stop growing height-wise, which should be in early/mid high school, that you will have an easier time gaining weight.
Good luck!!!

128.9 and gaining...

This is the most I have ever weighed. Ever. My previous high, 126 is now what I weigh in the morning just after breakfast, with still relatively little in my stomach.

Track is still going well. I haven’t noticed that I’ve gotten any slower, and I presume I am gaining muscle. The first few meets are coming up, so we’ll see.

Only one thing…I feel like I don’t really need to gain anymore. I felt like 126 was a really good weight for me, a 15 year old female runner who stands just under 5’8”. I guess gaining is good though, just in case I for some reason begin to drop again, I won’t go down as far.

How is everyone else doing with their weight? I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving. I had 5 kinds of dessert! Yum!


Track finally started! yay!
I just weighed myself a few hours ago…a solid 126 pounds! Since track started I haven’t been insanely hungry…which is unusual for me during such a demanding sport season. However, I have been maintaining a good weight so I’m not too worried. The reason I eat is because I love food, so I guess if I’m not hungry, there’s no point in stuffing myself.
I guess it’s just because I went into the season in shape, so not much has really changed calorie-burning-wise.

Happy (early) Thanksgiving to all! Have fun eating!!!! :D I know I will!


I’m maintaining about 124, which is pretty good…however I was 126 for a week or so, so it’s annoying to go back down. I doubt the 5 mile race i ran this morning helped…I loaded on bananas/cliff bars/vitamin water as well as a lot of tap water right after, then some tea, a cookie, and a big proscuttio and cheese sandwich for lunch. my appetite hasn’t been huge since the race…but right now is a vital time to reload as my body is repairing and rechargin itself.
on a similar note, winter track starts tuesday. i am worried that i’ll drop a few pounds in the first week or so…hopefully I’ll build a bunch of muscle though ;)


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