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throw away 30 things I don't need

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Oh my...

I’ve thrown away so many things… but didn’t count. I know I can throw away even more, so I’m keeping this goal. Maybe I’ll count next time… or better, go looking for 30 things, just to get rid of :)


does trash count? jk

i got rid of a whole bag today

i forgot to count (for my goal)... so i’m not sure how much stuff i threw out. i know there were a lot of old magazines, but i’m just counting all of them as one. they’re all the same “thing” anyway, and i have PLENTY more to be getting rid of!


i know there has got to be plenty of things i could throw away. i don’t need everything that we have collected over the years, so i’m gonna try to be looking out for things to get rid of. as long as i’m thinking about it, it shouldn’t be too hard.

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