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reduce my carbon footprint

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Emissions Reduction     Our Tech Makes Meeting Tier 4. Emissions Reduction Easy.

Reduce Spill Remediation     Biodegradable Envirotemp fluids reduce costs and ease spill cleanup

NOx & CO Reduction     Selective Catalytic Reduction, SCR Gas Turbine & Industrial, ISO 9001

Carbon Footprinting     Carbon footprinting for products and supply chains

Refinery Emission Control     VOCs & Hazardous Pollutants Biological & Adsorptive Solutions

Carbon Neutral Shipping     Reduce your environmental impact with UPS carbon neutral shipping.

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First steps

1. I have bought offsets for our household electricity. I pay extra for wind power.

2. I am working hard to reduce my use of fossil fuels in the car. It’s hard, but I think it’s working. I should track fill-ups to get a feeling for the long-term effects.

3. I’ll take suggestions anyone has for air travel. I know I can buy offsets, but it seems like there should be some other alternatives.

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