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Conquer my fear of driving

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not called for some refresher lessons. guess the fear still has me in its grip.

i really need to do this.

i need

to call a driving instructor tomorrow. I need to get some refresher lessons so I can start driving again with a bit more confidence.

will call to see if I can maybe arrange 2 1 hour lessons sometime this week.


a business card for a driving instructer that offers refresher driving lessons, so planning to give him a call tommoorow to arrange a few lessons.

i haven’t driven properly for 2 and half years and i have never felt confident about it, so now its time to deal with this and over come this issue. i am buying my dads small car soon, and i want to feel confident in my driving.

i did actually take the car for a drive one night last night, but it showed me how rusty my driving was. so time to deal with this.

i need my independence back.


am buying my dads small car soon. have decided I will do 1/2 refresher driving lessons with an instructor. just to get comfortable with driving again, as its been 2 and a half years since I passed my driving test, and I haven’t really driven at all due to my slight fear and lack of interest in driving.

but its something I want to over come and I want that confidence and independence that driving brings.

im ready to start doing this. I want it.

i was

crossing the street today, walking home. and saw and old lady driving a car… waiting at the stop for cars to go past so she could turn and proceed… she actually could have driven through earlier, she was holding up traffic a little bit, but guess she was being cautious… remember thinking, if this old lady can drive… so can i.


not driving for months on end, i drove myself home from work today, and did some reverse parking outside my house.

i should drive more often. its on my mind alot lately. so going to try and do that.

im thinking of booking some refresher lessons with a driving instructor or some sort of driving acadamey school at some point.

i think its time to move past this fear. practice makes perfect. also want to buy a car, thats been in my head alot. if i owned and was paying off my car, then id definatly use the car alot. no matter how i felt

this is one

of my major goals for 2012. this is the year im gonna conquer the fear. i am determined!


really be doing this. hate this fear.

will work on this

more this week.

got to feel more confident as i drive. gonna keep faking that confidence till it becomes real.

this is

something that annoys me about myself :(

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