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iamevoxus in England is doing 41 things including…

Answer the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind".

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13. Would you break the law to save a loved one?

Yes. If they are in a life or death situation eg being attacked. Other than that it depends on the situation. but probably not. if i have to break the law to save them, then they have done something morally wrong and they need to bear the consequences of their actions.


If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?

dont spend time with anybody who doesnt love you.


You’re having lunch with three people you respect and admire. They all start criticizing a close friend of yours, not knowing she is your friend. The criticism is distasteful and unjustified. What do you do?

I would tell them, thats my friend your talking about, and she is a really nice good person, and i dont want to hear you talking about her like that especially when its not true and not very nice. i would also probably tell them that i am shocked by the way they have spoken about my friend and that it was distasteful, and unjustified. that they have lost my respect if thats what they think. unless i see that they feel bad or ashamed for speaking bad about my friend, i would probably tell them that ive had enough and will go home as i dont want to be with them.

10. Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things?

i prefer to do things right. than do the right things.

“right things” in this context to me, implies that there is a list/order of rules/things that should be done, observed by society that are considered the right things to be doing/and at certain times.

i dont think i have ever done the right things. i think im living my life back to front, and doing things at different stages in my life compared to what is considered the normal stages.

i rather do what i want to do, when i want to do it and then do everything i can to be doing it right to the best of my knowledge and ability. everyone is different, some will follow the status quo. some wont.

9. To what degree have you actually controlled the course your life has taken?

for a long time i took very little control. most of my life. i jsut let life happen to me and dealt with it. i made quite a mess. i didnt think about the consequences or the future.

its only now within the last few years, that i have been actively trying to control certian things.

things like my weight gain. 4 years ago i found myself going from a average weight, to obese due to depression and a broken heart. it was a hard time. i hated myself, mylife, i couldnt look in mirrors, i didnt want to go out or see people. i was unemployed for almost a year and felt suicidal. after about almost a year of feeling ugly and sorry for myself, i took control and made myself better and lost the bulk of the weight. got a job and began to venture back into the real world again. i am still not in great shape and still working at it but i will never let myself get to that state again.

i have also been a smoker for at least 10/11 years, so finally last year i made the decision to quit it for good. no more. and i am happier for it.

this year i made the decision to study again so that i can get out of my dead end job in the near future. and that is going well.

in terms of love, i have always gone forth with a bit of gusto, but i also know what i want and dont want. and i have walked away when i needed too becasue i was not happy or it wasnt working. i also made the decision to walk away from someone i still have a lot of love for dearly, and he me, but we know, due to our past, its prob wise to just be friends now. and we are. my confidence in relationships right now is at a all time low. but its mostly due to incompatibility and a few failed attempts at relationships with men who were very not right for me. this is one part of my life now that i dont want to control anymore. im jsut letting it be.

im also finally this year, in the process, these comming weeks, of buying my first investment property with the help of a very trusted property investment broker, and i am doing this so that i can start young, and build a portfolia over the next say 18 years so that i can retire with this as my pension.i realise i may never settle down with a husband or kids, so i need to look after myself for the future.

im also finally about to buy my dads small little car, as he has bought himself a new car, so i can finally have some wheels and become a confident driver.

so i think overall, im taking control. didnt always, but i am at last. i think life needs to be a balance of taking time to smell the roses but also thinking ahead.

8. If the average human life span was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?

id work less, spend more time with family and friends and jsut “playing” so doing the things ive always wanted to do like holidays and activities. i would have a better work life balance basically. and i would stop worrying about the future and focus more on the present and make good choices now, and let the future work itself out. i would also get out my comfort zone more and take more calculated risks that would would change my life idealy in a positive way. follow my dreams basically.

i could do all these things now anyway with a longer life span . so i need to work on enjoying life more and get out of my comfort zone. life is more interesting that way.

7. Are you doing what you believe in, or are you settling for what you are doing?

i have most definately settled. its no secret i hate my job.

i know i need to change things. i need to study while doing this job. my hours/days are flexible and i still get to earn good money than some entry level office job. i jsut have to endure this job a bit longer than id like. to be fair tho, depending what i study… if it takes a long time… then i will not be sticking with waitressing. there is only so much i can endure.

sigh. problem is i have some interests and things id like to potentially study, jsut scared of making the wrong decision. which is what has been holding me back.

this song is apt.

crossfade – no giving up

6. If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich?

i would be a baker and bake cakes and cookies and treats. rich indulgent, decadent, gorgeous bright and colourful cakes. made to order for parties, weddings, events etc. in a big bright bakery with happy staff, and music playing. we would also make sweet pastries and breads and cupcakes and biscuits.

i have actually thought about this in real life. but funny thing is i have never had the urge to bake. but i do love looking at amazing cakes and how they are made. and i do like to attempt to make things now and again. they tend to be sweet things. (tho i try and avoid eating them for the most part). even on my goals here i have tried making various sweet treats that were different and unique.

this question has jsut put my mind in a spin… jsut the other day i was thinking of chucking in my very stressful waitressing job that i hate for something easier. at the time i was thinking i could go work in a bakery and get some experience making and baking things. cept i would take a pay cut for sure. but maybe i could see if i like it and maybe take some bakign classes or something. i dont know. maybe i will play with this idea, and jsut start baking things at home and trying different recipes and then make them for others and just see how i feel. but yeah the idea of this kind of thing always made me happy. i have this thing about cakes. i like to look at them and marvel at them. its like cake porn to me :) especially beautiful well constructed amazing cakes etc. i even collect pictures of cakes cupcakes and cookies and things

and then one day i could own my own little bakery/coffee shop. something to think about. the hillarious thing is i dont want to eat the stuff for the most part (as i am watching my diet and trying to build a leaner stronger healthier body). so yeah it would be a fine line between makign these things and not eating them. but then i would just get everyone else to eat them, and i would jsut have a small bite to test they are ok.

well this has jsut put some thoughts in my head, which is nice. i think i will jsut play around with it and just maybe try my hand at baking and making stuff for others and see how they come out and how i feel. great question.

EDIT: to be fair… i dont think i will ever persue this properly, cos i know i dont have any major desire to bake, if i did, it would be my passion and id be doing it already and enjoy it AND it doesnt really fit in with what i am trying to acheive in my lifestyle which is health and fitness. that is more in tune with what im interested in. this is but a day dream, a sweet one… i will still experiment with baking from time to time… but leave it at that.

5. What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world?

that people are more kinder/respectful/thoughtful of others. regardless of religion, race, culture, class, sex, age etc

you are not better than me, i am not better than u. we are equal. even if i am a waitress and ur the CEO of some company

some sayings come to mind that may apply:

be nice to everyone u meet cos u dont know what battle they are facing.

the other one is be nice to everyone even the cleaners etc. and vice versa.

lets all jsut be nice to each other and get along! and if you are nice, kind, courteous, respectful to others in general, then that is reciprocated back to u which is nice. not to mention that when u need help or are in a spot of bother, those people will go out of their way to help u because u ahve always been nice/helpful/supportive/respectful of them and vice versa

we are all human beings and everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. this can be on a small scale within our friendships, families and people we cross path with but also needs to be a global thing. we cant control what other people do, but we can control our interactions with others, and that will ahve a knock on effect hopefully.

so go and pay a compliment to someone today, thank someone whos help u appreciated, do volunteer work, smile at strangers and make their day or let ur family, friends, significant other know u love them. just make them feel good. send out these good things. they come back to u… karma and all that.

have to say that this is not easy to do obviously. nobody is perfect, everyone has bad days, where they are moody and moan and bitch and take it out on others. i am no different. we jsut need to be mindful of this and try and remember to do it. its not difficult to be nice to others if they are nice to u. its harder to be nice to others who arent nice to u. but that is the first step. be nice to ur enemies, the people u dont like or who dont like u, it confuses them and u might actually find once u get to know them, u might actually like them and they grow to like u, and then a new friendship/relationship is formed. they could be ur future best friend u never know. do u know how many times i have judged people i had met for the first time, and decided i didnt like them instantly for whatever reason. and then after getting to know them realisiing how absolutely cool this person is and now im so glad they are my friend. lets try not to judge and be nice, kind and respectful to all who cross our paths.

4. When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

ive been dreading answering this question. putting it off actually. because i know that currently up until this point in my life i have said more than i have done. and that annoys me.

however its not all said and done time yet. i still have the rest of my life to live where i can do the things ive been saying i would like to do.

the important thing is to jsut take action, and i am working on it. these things do not happen over night if they did… then it wouldnt be such a big deal and they probably wouldnt be that hard to do in the first place.

the things i am working on doing currently:

get to my ideal body weight
own a buy to let property
move into my own place or with a friend
look for a better job
look after myself
making the right decisions regarding relationships
save money for my future
invest in myself, my knowledge
save for holidays
save for a car
get over my fear of driving
and many others past and present.

to be honest every single goal ive ever made on this sight is what i ahve been doing to get to where i would like to be. sometimes i have been successful and sometimes i havent. but i have been working on them and that counts for something. i havent been jsut talking about it and doing nothing. i am actively trying to make these things happen to my best abilities. i am a tryer. i keep trying.

the onlything that i havent done really or attempted is something i cant really ahve much control over. i talk a bout wanting to settle down and have kids, but it takes 2 people to do that, so thats the only thing i cant do, and i am wondering if i ever will have that chance lately. given the chance with the right person, i would.

so now that im thinking about it, i think i have done more than i have said. well at least working on doing these things. some are long term, others are short term. but i am taking action, not twiddling my thumbs.

i guess that is a yes. im quite suprised really cos if u look at current circumstances, i havent accomplished much. but i am working on them, so that should count for something. well thats how i see it.

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