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list 100 things that make me happy


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God's Plan of Happiness     Knowing answers to life's big questions helps us find joy...

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31.Scrubs- best show ever
32.En la manana Marta se despierta. I cant think of it without giggling
33.My new haircut
34.Hanging out with people from different cultures
35.Turning every moment into an inner monologue that contains a life lesson. Like in the wonder years.
36.Talking about football with the boys and actually making sense.


16. Pretty much any musical ever (special props to Annie, Singing in the Rain, Hairspray, Sound of Music, and Funny Face)
17. Having to return clothes because they are too big.
18. Air boxing with my five year old nephew.
19. My friend Jenny- lots of drama and lots of fun sillines inside one person
20. 11:11
21. Kt Creole
22. Laughing till it hurts
23. Joking with my Dad. The man has a great sense of humor.
24. Taking a great picture
25. New Car smell
26. Pretending to find the Golden Ticket in a candy bar just to have an excuse to burst into song
27. Early morning coffee with my brother
28. Sleeping in
29. Shoe compliments
30. lollipops


1. Chicken salad sandwiches
2. Dancing in the rain
3. Dictionaries
4. Time magazine
5. Completing goals
6. In Depth conversations
7. Chicken wings
8. Margaritas
9. Black and white photos
10. My ferret
11. Books
12. Libaries
13. Byrant Park
14. Camping at the swinging bridge
15. Hiking with my dog


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