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discover the secret bike route to Starbucks without getting run-over

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F@ck It!

Too damn dangerous!

Mission Impossible

There is NO safe way to ride a bike to Starbucks! But I am a Starbucks addict, a junkie for the java! Just as the sea lion braves the great white shark, I will brave the route to Starbucks so that I can indulge my addition.

What does this to people?

The most hostile people on the face of the earth are drivers speeding towards their local Starbucks! If you doubt me, just try riding your bicycle to Starbucks next time. They will run your ass over!

Is it the java addiction and associated withdraws? Is it something about Starbucks and cars? Is it my lycra and spandex?

Why do they try to run me down when I go to Starbucks?

The Java Death Ride

Where I live the most dangerous ride for a 30 mile radius is a 8.54 mile ride to Starbucks. A nice warm-up before a longer ride, but the traffic is horrendous and all of the drivers seem to hate bikes on their road. I guess it is because the traffic is so thick that the bikes are moving faster than the cars.

There has to be a better route!

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