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Convince 43 people that seafood is just wrong

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8. What the...

...fricken frock.

I can’t attach the image because I can’t stand to look at it.

Don’t tell me he has like five of those things on his plate…
...and don’t tell me he is going to eat that thing!

This is what I am talking about!!!


Enough said.

5. Eating anything that still has FEET or EYEBALLS... JUST WRONG PEOPLE!!!!

If you can still make out what kind of animal it is while it’s on your plate – it’s WRONG.

My mother-in-law sat and ate shrimp right in front me. Not only did she eat shrimp in front of me, her shrimp had FEET!! It still had IT’S TINY LITTLE LEGS! She didn’t eat the feet (thank God), but still. Couldn’t they have taken the feet off before serving? Couldn’t she have chosen shrimp with no feet from the buffet? (Yes, yes I’m sure she could have. Instead, she chose the shrimp… with the feet… to eat in front of me.)

I thought I was going to BARF.

I didn’t have my camera with me, but this picture is close enough (hers were more raw). I’m gonna be sick…

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