mooniebutt in Milwaukee is doing 26 things including…

List 100 MORE things that makes my Hokey HAPPY

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#12 Babybutt

12. Babybutt

Of course he says she is the BEST baby in the whole wide world. I gotta agree with him there.

Half Price Books

11. Half Price Books

This has go to be his favorite bookstore, hands down. I don’t think he’s purchased a book at full price for years (and he is very proud of that fact!)

Punch Bug!

10. Punch Bug!

Hokey likes playing “Punch Bug” or what some people call “Punch Buggy” ever since I introduced him to the game many, many years ago. In fact, he is the one that usually gets us started. This is how the game is played: The first person to see a Volkswagen Beetle yells out, “Punch Bug!” and smacks or punches the other person. I wouldn’t do it too hard or no one will want to play. Some people also play for points (or points only, no punches.) I’m usually the one that introduces new rules like, “two punches for a Volkswagen van.” I can’t wait to tell him about the “extra punch for a pink bug” or about “punch back Cadillac!” Of course I won’t tell him until the game is in play and I get the first punch! Some people only play when they are on the road but we will play even if we are not in the car (for example, walking or watching TV.) We also allow one hit for a VW dealership (some people say they are off limits.) We do not yell out the color but that is something that may be added in the future (especially since if you don’t get the color right you are able to punch back.) Oh, and we don’t care if it’s an old beetle or a new one, but Mini Coopers are not VW bugs and therefore off limits! And we do not call “no punch backs” since punch backs are not allowed (yet!)

Rick Trembles

9. Rick Trembles

Rick Trembles’ has a radio show called Motion Picture Purgatory Radio Show that my husband listens to. He reviews horror movies. Rick also does these fabulous cartoon movie reviews. (Here is one for The Grudge 2.) My husband agrees with a lot of what Rick has to say and likes his sense of humor. The icing on the cake, for my husband, is that Rick is Canadian.

The Daily Show

8. Jon Stewart and the The Daily Show

My husband loves Jon and would never misses an episode. He thinks Jon Stewart is the funniest man in the world.

Tom Waits

7. Tom Waits

My husband likes weird music, Tom Waits included. He loves him for his deep gravelly voice and the dark poetry of his lyrics.


6. My husband enjoys bingo.

We went tonight and he won twice. If anyone wins at all, it’s usually my husband. I think he wins because he has great karma (since he’ll share his winnings with others, for example.) And it doesn’t matter where we go – a rinky dink little place or one of the huge casinos – my husband usually wins.

{knocks on wood}


5. My husband loves to draw.

I think one of the reasons my husband draws is because he likes to see my reaction – he likes to make me smile. (He also likes to exaggerate but that’s another story.)

Comic Exhibition

4. Comic Exhibition

My husband was excited to go to the Milwaukee Art Museum today. We wanted to see the Masters of American Comics Exhibition. It is the first art museum exhibition to examine comic strips and books on an expansive scale.


3. Brats

My husband just moved to Milwaukee and now he loves brats. He just had to see what all the hub-bub was about – and now he knows. The only thing that’s missing here (for my husband) is the sauerkraut… and maybe some cheese and some onions and…

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