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Week 3 day 2

(185) I resisted a piece of pizza today… a big improvement over the encounter I had with a piece of pizza nearly three weeks ago! I’m still working out too… I’m only down 7 pounds but its a start… calling on all my reserves to help me through this… I’m feeling better and that is the best part!

Week 3 begins...

(187) I’m feeling better and that is saying something! I haven’t lost much weight but things are fitting better and I’m counting that as progress. I have a day here and there where I’d love to binge on sugar but the last time I did that I got such bad head and stomach aches that I choose to stay away from the evil stuff! I’ve continued to walk and do yoga and have begun to get pilates in the routine too… results are just around the corner… I can feel it!

day 4...

(189)I did it… I walked… it was a chore but I did it. YAY! Its all about the small victories. I ate cheese cubes, and salami sticks for a snack though… I don’t think it was the best choice but there aren’t any carbs and believe it or not there isn’t a whole lot of trans fats either! Anywho… tomorrow is another day and if salami is the worst of it.. so be it.

i hate the scales...

(190.5) Is it really possible to lose 5 pounds in one day then gain 4.5 back the next? My goodness… no wonder people hate scales! I am still bringing my A game though… I walked for my 30 minutes today and ate not-a-one thing that I shouldn’t have! I’m going to win this battle if its the last thing I do!

day 2 and counting

(186) I stayed on track today. I didn’t eat any of the not allowed foods, drank plenty of water and even walked for a half hour! HA!

And so it begins...

(192) Today is day 1 of the rest of my life… I am desperate to lose weight and feel healthy. I think that’s the only reason I am doing this. I hope the physical effects are great but I really just want to FEEL healthy!!! I’ll keep you posted… I actually went for a 30 minute moderately brisk walk, did a bit of yoga and ate fairly well today.

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