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get 8 hours of sleep every night

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Not Quite 8

Well, I haven’t quite worked my way up to getting eight hours of sleep every week night, but I have managed to get myself in the habit of getting into bed and turning out the light one hour earlier then I used to. This one little tweak translates into about six hours of sleep every night as oppose to four or five. A VAST improvement.

Good Rest

Last week I went to bed early almost every single night, not because I was trying but because I was legitimately pooped. I didn’t get a 8 hours any of those nights, but I did get 7, and I felt so energetic the following morning! I forgot how great it is to get a full night’s sleep. I hope I can keep up the good work this week.

My Health Requires It

For the last two nights I’ve managed to get 7 hours of sleep instead of 5 or 6. With my health deteriorating faster than I thought possible for a person my age, I know that I need to do every little thing I can to ease the burden of my poor body. I’m not up to 8 hours a night yet, but I think if I can just get my body to accept 7, getting up to 8 might be easier.

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