The reward for conformity was that everyone liked you except yourself. in Alabama is doing 33 things including…

write a novel

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The reward for conformity was that everyone liked you except yourself. has written 6 entries about this goal

Side track

My husband is truly the most supportive man that I’ve ever been with. Just the fact that he’s willing to stick by me-no matter where it leads-is amazing. I sit at home with the baby and write while he’s working, and he doesn’t complain. This past week he bought me the deluxe version of the 2006 Writer’s Market and Novel & Short Story Writers Market 2006. And he’s always stroking the ego, telling me how wonderful he thinks I am. Even if I don’t publish the finished project, it’ll be my present to him for sticking by me.

Words are the enemy today.

I find myself looking at a blank document, unsure of where to start. I’ve re-read what I’ve already written, looked at the notes that I’ve jotted down, nothing isn’t sparking at the moment. Perhaps, I should just step back for a couple of hours.

I do need to exercise, even if it’s for only thirty minutes (since I’ve been neglecting it, lately). Exercising usually helps clear my mind. I’ll even take my notebook along because chronic exercisers say the darndest things.

This has nothing to do with writing my novel

I know that most of us as writers are also voracious readers. I’ve been reading one of Susie Bright’s book, and I found an amusing quote:

The biggest trend among aficionados of classic literature is to dig up the original works, and to publish the unexpurgated version, unmangled by religious censors. The original Aesop’s Fables can now be found, with none of the “morals” and all of the sexual interest, that appeared in the Greek originals.

“The Hyenas”
They say hyenas change their nature annually, and are sometimes male and sometimes female. In fact, a male hyena once showed unnatural inclinations toward a female Hyena, and she said to him, “Very well, my friend, but remember that whatever you do now you will soon have done to you.”

—Aesop Without Morals

Inspired but lazy...

Have you ever had the inspiration to write but you just don’t want to write?

I have handwritten notes that are just begging me to type them up and expand on them. But I’m just sitting here looking at them because I guess I’m too lazy to actually type them out.

I know once I turn on the music and start typing, I’ll find myself in the groove. The point is that I just don’t feel like doing it. I’m going to make myself do it, though. I’m not going to ignore inspiration when it’s being so nice. If I ignore it, it might pass me by next time.

Arg! Fracking hand writing!

I hate hand writing anything, but I love buying pens. I’m definitely a child of technology, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Should we somehow happen to revert to some Stone Age era where technology ceases to exist, well, somebody will have to stick a fork in me because I’ll be done.

These past couple of weeks I have been handwriting small snippets of things to help keep me away from the computer. It’s not working if you can’t tell. Even though I rather type everything, it seems that when I hand write my ideas they seem to flow better. Then, I end up catching a cramp in my hand because I rarely write anymore. AND I HATE WRITING! I wish I could write through telepathy.

Taking initiative

I’m going to take initiative—instead of just talking about it. I need to get some things accomplished. I need to write something, complete something, instead of just writing down a snippet here and a snippet there. I can write 50,000 words of nothing for NaNoWriMo. Nothing that I could turn into something. What’s stopping me? What’s holding me back? Is there some writing fear that I have subconsciously that I need to conquer?

The reward for conformity was that everyone liked you except yourself. has gotten 17 cheers on this goal.


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