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swat the mosquitoes

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this goal pleases me very much...

but I’ll update my list of goals,so I’ll give this one up for a while. Thank you shoemaker for your support and kind words…
Hope we’ll be again teammates soon:)

new mosquitos

1.Buy present for my mom’s birthday :)
2.Buy math exercise book(arggh hate that subject,but I do need to exercise,I want to improve my school mark)
3.recharge my cell phone
4.establish home-cleaning schedule and post it on the fridge(or wherever I’ll see it)

mosquitoes-january 2007

1.Get a library card
2.finish my math assignment “peril at end house”(agatha Christie) and return it
4.organize my to-do list
5…and finish it!
aaa finaly did it?Why do I always forget to swat’em??Do I need Reminders all over the house?Food for thought…

new mosquitos flying around...

After FINALLY swatting my latter mosquitos These are the Christmas ones:
1.Wrap all christmas presents-done
2.Finish my “self-made wisdom boxes” (presents for parents and relatives-a box full of quotes,and they are supposed to read one a day…and not only read it,but apply it as well;) )-done
3.Christmas speed cleaning-done


Ok,these are the new ones:
1.To read ‘the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy” and to get it back to my classmate(gosh!Why do I always procrastinate reading the books I borrow?)
2.Buy a history workbook(it’s high time!We’ve started school more than a month ago)
3.Declutter my shelves(not sure if it’s actually a mosquito,a big bug rather ha-ha)


1.I ‘ve got my fitness card,now I just have to use it and do my fitness routine strictly:)
2.I have already a new haircut
3.I’ve answered my mails

Here are the new ones: read the book my neighbour gave me help my grandparents with the housework-to do the washing up

I'm back:)

Hi,partners, I haven’t been posting for a while due to the fact I was by the seaside.Now I’m back and ready to swat!
1.To get my fitness card this week get my hair done
3.To answer all e-mails I’ve received


1.To prepare my school presentation
2.To read “idle thoughts of an idle fellow”(Jerome K.Jerome)
3.To buy present for my best friend’s birthday
4.To give back all the CDs I’ve borrowed from friends (I procrastinate this one from months!)

That’s it!I’m starting swatting.Wish you luck with your “buzzing” mosquitoes:) btw,the pocket mod is a good idea-I’ve tried it and it prevents me from forgetting(or at least from pretending forgetting) my tasks and assignments.


I’m very glad to join your team;)In fact I procrastinate even updating my The idea of blogging was to keep me motivated not to procrastinate it…however Let’s get it startedWhy don’t post our “to do” lists in order to keep each other motivated?

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