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Missed dues date

Thursday was the deadline paying dues to be in archery club and since I was pulling dad/husband duty at the hospital supervising the care of my wife and son, I missed it. It’s cool though, because, as it turns out, I wouldn’t have been able to stay at school the extra hours just to attend an unnecessary club anyway, as a result of having to assist in the care of aforementioned son. The club however did peak my interest enough that I want to just set up some targets using the man shed as a back stop. I will start with very low power homeade bows described here.

3rd Practice

Moved over to the 9 meter group, 18 meters is the maximum for this range. I am among the best of the newbees so far. I have to remember to fill out my membership forms and pay by Tuesday or I’ll be booted out of the group.

2nd practice

Went well. Had fun.

1st lesson!

It was a lot more fun and less crammed than I anticipated. Plus it was really great to have someone to teach us exactly how to do everything. The instructors were really nice and I didn’t really feel like an oldster or anything. The practices are from 6-8pm on T-W-Th’s and I’m gonna try to make as many as possible; with a baby coming this may be easier said than done but I’ve already talked it over with the wife and she has given a tentative okay on the condition that she doesn’t absolutely need my help at home. I know that I’m gonna wanna spend as much time as possible with my future baby son but I think it might be important to have some time to decompress as well. We’ll see how it goes.

Orientation for Archery Club at school

I went. We learned about what paperwork we need to submit. We signed up for lessons. I go again at 7pm tomorrow. I will get to shoot a bow then. Not super excited about it. Maybe I’m a loner. I would much rather just have my own bow and shoot it some place private, all alone with my own thoughts, instead of crammed in a basement with people elbow to elbow. There’s just no where that I can think of to shoot a bow in private (safely) even if I had one. I was pretty pessimistic in general today though, maybe that’s it.

Disappointed in Archery Country

There’s an archery range that’s really close to my house but it’s dedicated to deer hunting. I thought I’d go check it out to see if it’s at all conducive to simple target shooting but unfortunately it is not. The staff must have profiled me as a non-hunter because I didn’t even get a “Let me know if you need any help.” The desk clerk just let me circle the store for about 10 minutes while listening to “Scooter” (real name, he was greeted as such when we walked in together) drone on about the litany of reasons that he didn’t bag a deer last season. Oh well, not my scene anyway. I will be checking out the campus archery club at school that has its own range in the basement of one of the gyms. And if that doesn’t work there’s a Buddhist place down south that teaches archery as meditation. If neither of those work then I’ll be forced to buy a bow, arrows and a target and find a suitable practice field. The bows in the pic were anywhere between $600-$800 without accesories.


I live three miles from the best archery range in my area, I could bike there in probably 10 mins easy.

2 in 1

I just want to re-iterate to myself that the place at which I want to do Buddhist meditation also has an archery program.

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